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Slanetrac SA800 Swivel Trim Avant Hedge Trimmer

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The Slanetrac SA800 Swivel Trim Cutter Bar attachment allows you to quickly convert a mini loader, skid steer or tractor to a hedge trimmer. It’s a quick and easy system allowing you to perform neat hedge trimming. The SA800 connects to the machine hydraulics so a suitable hydraulic flow is necessary for proper operation.

The solenoid valve enables switching between operating the hedge trimmer and using the hydraulic ram to vary the hedge cutter’s angle.

The SA800’s spring break away protects the cutting head. It is extremely easy to operate because cutting happens in front of the operator and the steering is very responsive to the cut.

A machine can cut neatly and evenly while reaching great heights. By removing one pin, it is simple to swivel the head to the opposite side to clear brush from corners and beneath fences. With any other hedge cutters, this task is very challenging.

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