Nugent Power Link Box

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Nugent Power Link Boxes feature universal 3 point linkage and are easy to operate. With Nugent’s trademark durable construction, the Power Link Boxes are designed to last and can be fitted to either 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive tractors.

• Low labour costs
• Good lifting capacity
• Treated with an anti-rust primer and finished in a high quality polyurethane paint
• Scraper along bottom, for light levelling work
• Specially designed reinforced panels for easy cleaning
• Compact to back of tractor

• Full range of sizes available 6’ to 7’
• Durable construction designed to last
• Suitable for 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive tractors
• Universal 3 point linkage for easy operation
• Twin ram power link box for added strength and speed
• 4’ hydraulic box developed for ease of use within the horticulture industry

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