Nugent Bale Feeder

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The Nugent Bale Feeder saves time, money and wastage on the farm whilst reducing manual handling and prioritising the safety of both animal and operative. Capable of being used on three-point linkage, front loader or farm handler, the quick-attach automated locking system eradicates manual input required from the operator, whilst bales can also be loaded and unloaded from the comfort of the cab.

The motor controls the adjustable feed rates on the two-sided feeder to ensure safety. This positioning will also provide a maximum lifespan, likewise with the zinc plated chain that protects from rust. Heavy duty tines (Bale Spike) along with wide flared and easy guide cones, allow for a simple engage with the coupling. Ensuring a consistent and secure connection.

Finally the rear guard is fitted as standard for extra protection. It also prevents over spill and wastage so that the passages are kept clear. To add to this, the high-density polyethylene single piece floor reduces any spillage friction.

For more information, view the downloadable brochure which provides key details on additional features, Or watch the instructive step by step video below.

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