Hudson Agri Fixed 8T Low Loading Livestock Trailer

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(8 tonne twin axle, wheels)

Available in sizes:

  • 16′ x 6′ 4” 
  • 17′ x 6′ 4”
  • 18′ x 6′ 4”  

Additional features:

  • 6′ 4″ internal width
  • Low bed height for reduced loading angle
  • Heavy duty 4mm sheet steel mudguards

Standard features of all fixed livestock models​

  • Fully galvanised chassis and canopy sections with 40 x 40 box arches
  • Aluminium catchment tank with full length removal grill
  • 3.5mm hard aluminium sides with folded profile
  • Heavy duty loading gates with a choice of design, plus a low angle ramp for easy loading
  • Front ventilation, visibility grill, fully enclosed roof (EU standards) and crash barriers
  • Heavy duty deck rail and dividing gates, complete with ‘slam shut’ features
  • Full LED lighting system including impulse beacons​

Optional extras​

  • Sheep deck system
  • Lift-off model available
  • Sprung drawbar (standard on the 16T models)
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